What is Electron Tomography?


The Moule Group participates in a number of activities to promote science literacy

Prof. Moule is the Project leader for the Chemistry Project at the Yolo county 4H Club. The Chemistry project is hosted monthly at the UC Davis Coffee Lab. We teach fundamental principles of Chemistry through experiments using food products. In 2015 we learned the phases of matter using Liquid N2 and solid CO2. We learned about heat transport and Calories by building calorimeters and using them to measure the heat given off by burning nuts. We also learned about extractions by extracting chlorophyll and carotenoids from plant leaves and we learned separations using paper chromatography. In 2015 we were also able to partner with a local Girlscouts troop to teach chemistry units. UC Davis graduate student Raymond Hickey helps to teach chemical concepts and safety to budding scientists.

Adam gave a talk for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) called “Organic Electronics.” Osher aims to give retirees access to quality lectures in all areas on arts and sciences and is part of the UC Davis Extension program. Lectures can be found at Davis Media Access, Channel 15, and through the Davis Public Library. Davis Media Access, Channel 15, broadcasts OLLI classes on Mondays at 6 p.m., Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays at 11 a.m., or check the detailed weekly schedule at http://dctv.davismedia.org/schedule. My talk is available here https://ucdavis.box.com/shared/static/urx4ppabql5lkaxtxgqaik00xrm2x425.mp4.

In November 2017 Prof. Moule and PhD students Goktug and Xiaolei participated in the Birch Lane Elementary school science night. We explained the phases of matter, made liquid nitrogen ice cream, and exploded bottles using the pressure of sublimating CO2. The pictures below show Goktug and Xiaolei demonstrating how an air balloon will shrink if cooled in liquid nitrogen because the air molecules move more slowly at lower temperature. The second image is Prof. Moule making liquid nitrogen ice cream for an excited crowd of kids.

Prof. Moule is the Project leader for the Yolo county wide Electronics Project.  We will teach the basics of electronic circuits, circuit elements and the physics of electricity in the UC Davis Coffee Lab. Fun projects included “death of a toaster” – toaster dissection to see what the heating element is made out of and to measure is resistance. We also learned how to use an oscilloscope and function generator. Two members presented their projects at the Yolo County farm connection day and won blue ribbons.