Welcome to the Moule Group

The Moulé group at UC Davis performs interdisciplinary research in the general area of Organic Electronics. Our NSF-funded projects emphasize specialized development of instrumentation and processes for nano-patterning, layering, doping, and characterization of micro/nano-patterned organic devices. We are working on patterning nano-wires, short-channel thin-film transistors, and light trapping structures for photo-detectors and organic photovoltaics. Our DOE-BES funded project is a fundamental study of the connection between dynamic disorder (instantaneous displacement of molecules and energy states due to inter- and intra-molecular vibrations) and charge transport in organic semiconductors. We use inelastic neutron scattering (INS) to measure the phonon/vibration spectrum and have a theory group to develop new multi-scale simulation tools to connect measured data to simulated charge transport. Our  UC-lab-Fees funding is to develop the use of Electron Tomography (ET) for the 3D characterization of PbSe quantum dot super-lattices (QDSLs).

We have a great many international collaborators that make pursuit of each project richer, more productive, and more interesting – thank you.

This group is dedicated to the idea that Science is “fun” and accessable to everyone.