About the Boss


I believe in the Humboltian ideal of a scholar/philosopher that seeks to expand knowledge and to encourage constant growth in myself and all lab members. Science is not a goal, it is a path. My job is to lead people to this path and help them along their way.


I have a wonderful wife and three children. We enjoy backpacking, swimming, games, travel and each other. I work hard to keep their pictures off of the internet.

Brain Weirdness

My brain is weird. I have a condition called dyslexia. This condition means that my brain does not do a good job of sequencing ideas or characters. The result is that for some things I am very disorganized. I also need a spell checker to write anything. I have difficulty memorizing equations or the sequence of steps needed to solve them. Somehow dyslexia also makes me particularly good at 3D visualization (makes me good at equipment) and creative associative thought. Share your ideas with me – you never know what I will come up with.


I love to play Go – there is nothing like annihilating an opponent just for the joy of it. I love to run, swim, climb, and playing practically any type of game. Recently I run barefoot and really enjoy it. Somehow removing shoes makes me more connected to the run and everything around me. I love tea, particularly green tea and can be found with a mug practically everywhere. I also love long distance backpacking and take a week each year to hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

1998 B.S. Chemistry University of Oregon

2007-2014 Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

2007-2019 Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

2019- Present Professor of Chemical Engineering

2018-2022 UC Davis Chancellors Fellow​

2018-2022 Joe and Essie Smith Endowed Chair of Chemical Engineering